October 20, 2021
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5 Best Smartphones Gadgets, You Must Buy in 2021
Best Wireless Earbuds for Android in 2021
3 Best Smart Bands in India 2021
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5 Best Smartphones Gadgets, You Must Buy in 2021 Best Wireless Earbuds for Android in 2021 3 Best Smart Bands in India 2021
Best Wireless Earbuds for Android in 2021

Best Wireless Earbuds for Android in 2021

Some believe that wired earbuds are superior due to their ability to provide high-quality audio, while others believe that wireless earbuds outperform their wired counterparts. What are your thoughts? So, let’s see what makes these wireless earbuds for android in 2021 stand out from the crowd.

Simple to Use and Completely Secure:

As they don’t have any cords, these wireless earbuds for android are a breeze to use. You don’t have to be concerned about those pesky tiny pocket trolls interfering with your earbuds since there are no cables involved. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires around your children or pets. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about cables or wires being chewed on. In addition to being safe for you, these wireless earbuds for android also benefit your children since they cannot inadvertently strangle themselves with something not there.


This would have been an excellent place to start since wireless earbuds are by far the most convenient kind of headset. These headphones are fabulous for those who are always on the go. They free up the user’s time to make phone calls, cook, or clean the home.

Here are the best wireless earbuds for Android in 2021.

Crossbeats Torq Touch True Wireless Earbuds:

Crossbeats Torq Touch

Featuring in-ear auto music recognition, Crossbeats Torq is the first of its kind among Bluetooth wireless earbuds. When you remove one earbud from your ear, the music will stop and restart when you put the other one in.

The person on the other end of the phone must be equally irritated by your shrill hellos and your Bluetooth earbuds’ erratic connection on audio calls. These genuine wireless earbuds for android with a microphone provide the most satisfactory answer to your issue. Torq is equipped with four microphones, each with built-in noise cancellation to guarantee uninterrupted speech connection.

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Do you find yourself running low on battery power just when you need it the most? The Crossbeats Torq wireless Bluetooth earbuds are here. Crossbeats wireless earbuds for Android can last up to 12 hours on a single charge and up to 36 hours with a backup, thanks to the inclusion of wireless charging.

The Qualcomm speakers in Crossbeats wireless earbuds for Android may provide a concert-like experience with realistic sound. Crossbeats wireless earbuds for Android have a 70-millisecond low latency mode that eliminates lag when gaming.


This is all I have to say about the audio quality: it’s adequate. Whereas in sound, Crossbeats didn’t skimp on the features. But they did so at the expense of the overall quality of the product. Touch controls are very laggy. Conversely, if you want features like touch controls, in-ear detection, microphones, etc., go for it; if you’re an audiophile, don’t bother purchasing it.

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Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro:

Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro

Qualcomm aptX audio technology is intended to offer a better Bluetooth experience by guaranteeing robust and high-quality wireless audio. Dual drivers provide the finest sound quality, from the deep bass to the crisp treble, providing an immersive listening experience like no other.

An uninterrupted high-quality audio connection for phone conversations, music, and gaming. The Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro has an 86ms latency and has excellent sync when playing games. Please keep in mind that latency varies by phone device.

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Type-C charging is supported, and the battery life is up to 7 hours on a single charge. The earphones’ battery life may be extended by up to 30 hours when using the charging case. Thanks to the waterproof design, the Redmi earphones 3 Pro while jogging or working out is risk-free.

The music stops whenever you remove the earphones from your ears. Put the earphones back in your ears to continue listening to your music. With the earphones 3 Pro, you have easy control and accessibility to make your life more pleasant and convenient.


It works well, the battery life is excellent, and the connection is even better. The phone interface is fantastic. MIUI’s equalizer aids in getting the most out of it. I’m not sure how AptX audio is available here, and you won’t be able to return the goods either. It seemed expensive, but the construction and overall quality are excellent.

Lumiford Max T55:

Lumiford Max T55

Lumiford Max T55 uses sophisticated Bluetooth version V5.0, which has a range of 10 meters and is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It comes with an ergonomic fit and IPX4 Water resistance. Its fantastic Cutting-Edge Design enhances your music listening experience.

Your music will sound and feel better with Stereo Earbuds with Hi-Fi Bass Drivers. Thanks to smart touch controllers like Google/Siri Assistance, you can ask anything with just one tap, which is just a triple tap away. The 4-gram earphones are ultra-portable and have 15-hour battery life when used with the charging case.

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These wireless earbuds for android are stunning, lightweight, and has a great fit in my ears; the sound quality is excellent. The overall impression is positive. A special thanks to Lumiford for providing such a fantastic product; fantastic speaker. Finally, I’d say buy it if you want a great-sounding speaker with good battery life and a nice finish!

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