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Sequent SuperCharger

Sequent SuperCharger | VickyTechy Honest Review 2.1

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People who don’t want to give up the appearance of a classic analog watch but yet want some degree of connectivity chooses the hybrid smartwatch. To put it another way, the Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR doesn’t only appear like a wristwatch. Still, it also employs a power supply technology that has more in common with a mechanical clock than the Apple Watch does.

A smartwatch powered only by your body’s movement doesn’t need to be charged at all. That’s alluring, but where’s the clever part of that? If anything, it’s more challenging to execute on a hybrid smartwatch than on a full-fledged smartwatch since it doesn’t have a display.


Currently, I’m wearing the Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR, which is the company’s most expensive model. The 42mm case comprises 316L stainless steel, with an aluminum ring around it, and the dial is covered with sapphire. With the strap attached, the watch is a hefty 77 grams and 14mm thick.

 This model features a blue dial, but there are also white and black dial options. The heart rate sensor is located in the middle of the watch’s open case back, revealing its self-charging mechanism and its rotor. Rubber covers the sides of the crown, while Sequent’s emblem is on end.

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There is a great thing about the watch being developed in Switzerland, but Sequent doesn’t claim it’s produced in Switzerland, which is significantly different from conventional timepieces. Nonetheless, everything seems to be of high quality. The polished batons mark only the hourly indices on the dial, which are imprinted with the brand name and other indications. The complexity hand has a red arrow tip, while the baton hands are empty in the middle.

 There are a lot of similarities to MVMT, Daniel Wellington, and other high-end fashion watch manufacturers. It’s impossible to mistake this for a typical smartwatch. Firstly, there is no screen, and the one complication doesn’t give away its high-tech qualities. It serves as a pedometer, a power reserve indicator, and a heart rate monitor. A closer inspection is required since the numbers are so minuscule. The small LED indicator light located beneath the noon position comes on only when your watch syncs with your phone or performs an activity.

Although the rotor isn’t as visually appealing as a mechanical movement, it has a certain “techy charm” about it, which I find attractive. There is no need for the rubber around the edge of the crown since you never need to spin the peak. Therefore more grip is unneeded. The lugs on the bottom half of the case only serve to highlight the watch’s height.

The SuperCharger 2.1’s height and aesthetics are OK, but the Eco Tide strap is a big no-no for me. Plastic trash from the ocean was used to make this bracelet, but it doesn’t give much to it. I’ve had it for a few weeks, and it hasn’t softened up in the slightest; it’s still as unpleasant as the first day I wore it! A sloppy double-pin clasp doesn’t help, either cutting off blood flow to your wrist or allowing the watch to dangle loosely.

It’s fastened using quick-release pins and may be swapped out for a different strap of the same width (22mm) with little difficulty. However, this should only be done if the provided strap is uncomfortable. People drawn to minimalist timepieces marketed on Instagram and YouTube will find the Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 to be a great fit. Order it without the Eco Tide strap if you must.


First, let’s speak about how the Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 is powered since it is considerably more technically remarkable than anything else about the product. The movement of your body generates kinetic energy, which is used to power the direction of an automatic watch. The SuperCharger employs a tungsten rotor to feed a micro-generator instead of gears and springs.

Wearable technology can now be powered using a novel, high-tech, sustainable, and hands-off technique. “Infinite” power reserve? That’s what Sequent claims for the SuperCharger, and it hasn’t dipped below 95% since I’ve worn it for a few weeks, according to the app. It will go into sleep mode if you don’t wear it for a while to save battery life. SuperCharger 2.1 should never run out of juice if it’s used regularly.

An integrated charging station will allow you to recharge your watch if you haven’t worn it in a while, even if the battery is completely dead. To make up for this, the watch’s casing has to have charging ports on the left-hand side, which detract from the otherwise elegant lines.

Smart features:

First and foremost, the Sequent SuperCharger is a smartwatch since it doesn’t need to be charged, but its intelligent features must also be interesting. That this isn’t an Apple Watch competition is obvious, but it’s also not a contender to any other hybrid watch because of dated technology.

It features rudimentary fitness monitoring but no alerts or a haptic motor to go along with it. For all its flaws, the watch and its companion software are still more user-friendly and convenient than most competitors. You shouldn’t anticipate anything like personalized training regimens, step cadence data, or in-depth data analysis.

Pressing the crown for two seconds until the LED flashes blue, the hands spin, and the LED turns purple is required to begin a workout. By pressing the crown three times, you may put an end to the game’s current session. At first glance, it seems too complicated, but that’s not all—it doesn’t appear to be remarkably accurate, either.

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 Because the promised app indication doesn’t function — it’s intended to display a dot on the exercise mode in Sequent when it’s active — you have no way of knowing whether your inputs have been adequate despite completing all of the stages. The sensor’s inability to continually monitor your heart rate adds to this ambiguity. For everyday usage, you can configure the app to read every five minutes, 30 minutes, or two hours, but it only seems to refresh every few minutes when you’re working out.

Neither Apple Health nor Google Fit nor Strava nor any other fitness platform is integrated with the app. Regarding fitness monitoring, the $50 Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is much superior to the $482 Sequent SuperCharger.

When it comes to fitness monitoring, a system that is difficult to activate has a restricted feature set and provides doubtful accuracy isn’t very motivating. It’s not likely to please fitness enthusiasts, and even casual users will find it frustrating due to the clumsy controls.

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