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Red Magic 6

Red Magic 6 Mystery Review | A Magician in Town

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The Red Magic 6 is the third generation of Nubia’s Red Magic gaming phone, which competes with Xiaomi’s Black Shark and Asus’ ROG Phone lines of smartphones (yep, despite that number 6 in the name). With a Pro variant with a few minor improvements (such as an internal cooling system), the Red Magic 6 is a candidate for the title of the greatest gaming phone in 2021, but it may not get there for a handful of reasons.

You would expect a gaming phone to have a strong CPU and lots of RAM, as well as a Game Space mode that boosts processing rates even further, but the Nubia Red Magic 6 boasts all of these features and more. When you plug in your phone, the term “charging” is misspelt in the message that appears. One of the games we use to test mobiles would not open despite us deleting and reinstalling it, and we have noticed that audio from games sometimes continues to play even after you have quit the game.

Additionally, the fan inside the computer is quite whining, making it difficult to hear footsteps in multiplayer games or enjoy the atmosphere of a game. To avoid overheating, you have two options: disable the phone’s built-in fan or purchase an external fan from Nubia. This is not to mention the difficulty of turning on the display option that runs at 165 Hz.

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If you want to modify the refresh rate on your phone, you cannot just open the Settings app and adjust it to 144Hz. You will need to go into the quick settings menu and choose 165Hz from the drop-down menu to change the framerate. Nubia Red Magic 6 has a few flaws, although they are minor compared to the price of other gaming smartphones. The Asus ROG Phone 5 and the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, which are currently at the top of our gaming phone rankings, are much more expensive than this one.

Even though this two-minute evaluation paints a skewed image, we can reluctantly suggest the phone because of its mid-range pricing but do not anticipate a faultless, premium experience. Price For $599 / 509, you can get the Nubia Red Magic 6 with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but there’s also a Pro variant with 16GB RAM and 256GB of storage, which costs $699 / 599. Red Magic’s worldwide shop delivers to many places throughout the globe, where you may purchase the gaming phone.


Red Magic 6 Design

Like Red Magic 5 in terms of the rear, the Red Magic 6 features the same logo, patterned decal, and little camera bump that does not protrude far from the rest of the phone. The back of the phone is made of glass, while the frame is made of metal. 5mm headphone connections on the bottom, a volume rocker and game mode slider on the left side, and a power button on the right edge of the Red Magic 6.

Using these triggers on a gaming phone is one of the nicest experiences we have had since they feel natural to tap and produce a little shudder to let you know that the touch was detected. 8-inch screen, the Nubia Red Magic 6 provides enough room for you to play your favorite games. There is a lot of contrast in the images, which is a good thing since it makes it easier to see the various components at a glance.


Red Magic 6 Display

It’s important to note that the Red Magic 6 is the only phone with a display refresh rate as high as 165Hz at the time of its debut.

This fast refresh rate consumes the battery rapidly, but you may drop it to a lower rate of many different kinds if you choose. The absence of 165Hz in the Display option led us to believe that the phone only supported 144Hz, which is not the case. This is a huge improvement above the typical 120 Hz in gaming, which means that your responses are converted into on-screen events more quickly.


Red Magic 6 Camera

Red Magic 6’s camera is not exactly fantastic, you presumably do not want to use it as a point-and-shoot. 4 macro cameras are all on the back of the phone. The dynamic range of Red Magic 6’s camera is adequate. However, there were a few instances of overexposure. It’s possible to zoom digitally up to 10x with this high-resolution sensor, and although the results are not spectacular, they are still functional.

Since there is not an “ultra-wide” option on other cameras, you have to rely on the viewfinder to get a broader field of vision, and that’s where the problems begin. After a long period of experimentation, we discovered that the only method to utilize this lens is to switch to the camera’s Pro mode.


The Nubia Red Magic 6 is powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor and 12GB of RAM, making it one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. In addition to it, there’s also 5G. Using the Geekbench 5 benchmark, we discovered a multi-core score of 3,606, beating only the OnePlus nine and Asus ROG Phone 5 by a few hundredths of a point. It’s odd, however, that in its ‘Game Space’ mode, which mutes alerts and concentrates processing power on the game, the Red Magic 6’s score was substantially lower at 3,196 out of a possible 5.

Gaming Masterpiece:

Red Magic 6 Gaming

Game Space’s poor benchmark score was not reflected in our excellent gaming experiences. We did not encounter any stuttering, and the title screens loaded quickly. As an aside, the phone’s internal fan begins to whine whenever we open the Game Space app, which truly irritated us. This feature may be disabled, but the phone will overheat significantly as a consequence. You can either purchase an external fan to put on the back, which keeps the phone icy cold, or you can plug in headphones to block out the sound.

The high screen refresh rate and touch input rate make games seem very snappy, and the two haptic triggers, which, as we previously noted, might be the greatest on a gaming phone. There is no perceptible lag time between pressing them and operating, which makes them convenient to use. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, refused to load on our phones for reasons we were unable to determine or repair.

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We found the phone’s two front-facing speakers suitable for its purpose, offering the closest thing to surround sound you can get on a mobile device and playing game audio sufficiently. In Red Magic 4, home screen icons are large and angular, making the app drawer extremely daunting – as that language indicates, we dislike the style of the UI, although that’s entirely subjective. When you slide down to access the quick settings menu, you will find a lot more choices than you will find on most other phones, including backlighting and fan usage, as well as Nubia’s file refresh function.

If you press the Game Space slider, the phone’s dedicated gaming mode is activated, which concentrates processing on the game, mutes alerts, and allows you to apply trigger controls. Dedicated players will appreciate the added features in these settings. We encountered a slew of inconvenient software glitches when testing the phone. Certain issues directly impacted functioning, such as when a game was shut down, and the music continued to play for time without any obvious means to stop it. Other errors, such as the fact that “charging” was misspelt when the charger was plugged in, were just plain stupid.

Battery life:

For the most part, we were satisfied with the Nubia Red Magic 6’s battery life, as we found it to be more than enough to get us through the whole day, even while we were playing a lot of games. For this, we must credit a 5,050mAh battery, which is enormous for a smartphone, much alone a gaming one (as those tend to have bigger battery packs).

The battery is charged at 66W, which Nubia claims would allow the battery to move from 0% to 100% in only 38 minutes. Although the Red Magic 6 Pro offers 120W charging, it is only true in China; the foreign versions of the Pro model also feature 66W charging. This is a significant difference. Since a gaming phone, you’re not likely to need wireless or reverse wireless charging, as you can’t utilize wireless powering while playing a game.

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