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Incus Nova

Incus Nova 2021 | VickyTechy Honest Review

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Designed for runners, bikers, swimmers, and triathletes, the Incus Nova is a wearable fitness tracker that clips onto your upper back. If you want to track all three sports, you need one gadget to monitor various parameters and use multiple apparels.

Incus Nova now supports running and swimming, but cycling functionality will be included in an upcoming version. There is a Core Run package, which contains the gadget and a harness that can be worn over a running T-shirt, and access to run analytics via the Incus mobile application.

The placement of the sensor means that it may record acceleration and impacts per stride, contact duration, and flight time in addition to the average speed and cadence. Because they don’t sit squarely in the middle of your body, devices like the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod can’t be utilised for a variety of different sports.

T-shirts, trisuits and harnesses all include a small bag for the Incus Nova gadget, which can be used for all three sports. It’s a picture by Future.

The findings are fascinating and content analysis to assist you better grasping what they imply and how you may improve your running technique to increase your efficiency. If your form begins to decline as you become tired, for example, you may use it to examine how various pairs of running shoes affect your condition.

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Even though it doesn’t monitor your heart rate, you may still wear your standard running watch while using it. In our opinion, the primary drawback is that it takes a long time to sync with your mobile device. The cloud processes data rapidly, but Bluetooth transfers take a long time.

There is no doubt that the Incus Nova is more expensive than the typical foot pod. Still, if you value precision and are looking for an additional tool to help you run more effectively and prevent injury, it is definitely worth the investment.

From £199.99 (about $270/ AU$370) to £499.99 (about $680/ AU$930), Incus Nova sports-specific packages are available directly from Incus. An entry-level running watch, such as the Garmin Forerunner 55 costs around the same as that amount.

As an option, you may purchase a single-sport package that includes the Incus Nova gadget, protective clothing, and the Incus app’s analytical data relevant to your wondershare video converter ultimate registration code and email chosen sport. They also have a set for triathletes ready when Incus supports cycling as a sport on its list of activities.

Also available are vests, t-shirts, and trisuits for the Incus Nova, which start at £49.99 (approximately $70 / AU$90).


The Incus Nova is a teardrop-shaped, semi-transparent plastic gadget that weighs just a few ounces. It’s tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand without being cumbersome. A stretchy mesh pouch at the back of the neck keeps it in place when worn in a specifically designed item of clothing (such as a T-shirt, singlet, or tri-suit).

Coloured LEDs on its body show its current state: green for powered on, yellow for data syncing, blue for monitoring activity, and red for charging. Running in the dark at night might be dangerous since other runners’ll quickly see you.

On the rear of the Incus Nova, there is a port for the charging cable. It’s a picture by Future.

The gadget also has a vibration motor, activated when the device is switched on and when you begin or end monitoring an activity, respectively. This device has a single power switch and a proprietary charging cable connection on the back.

Please note that the Core Run Bundle was tested. However, the Incus Nova is a multi-sport gadget capable of tracking swimming (with cycling coming soon). There is a comprehensive set of analytics data for each extra discipline to enhance your performance, whether you are a cyclist, swimmer, or triathlete.

First, you’ll need to download the Incus Cloud app (for Android and iOS) and establish an account. Just as with any other fitness tracker, the setup procedure is simple and doesn’t take long. Ensure that the battery is ultimately charged, and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect the gadget to your phone via Bluetooth.

Over your running top, you’ll find a harness that secures the Nova—running in the dark may be a scary experience, which is why this running shoe contains strategically placed reflectors for increased safety. In addition, the Incus Nova illuminates blue when it is in operation.

This isn’t a tool you’ll use every time you run, so it’s not a big deal. As a coaching tool, you may use it to spot-check your form and track how well you’re improving over time.

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After you’ve turned it on and inserted it into your shirt, there’s no need to mess with it. To begin recording, press the play button. If the gadget is functional, it will vibrate to let you know about it (an unusual sensation). Tap the end button when you’re done. Honestly, it’s that easy.

There are other fields for you to fill out after you’ve completed a run, such as how much effort you put into it and whether or not you’ve had any aches and pains (which you may add by tapping on a graphic of the human body). This should not be rushed since your numbers will take a long time to sync.

This has nothing to do with technology; it’s simply because the gadget captures so much information. Over 7MB of data is needed to be sent from your phone to Incus’s servers for processing after a 5K run. Allow it to run for a few minutes so that you may get some water or take a shower.

As soon as it is over, you will see an interactive display showing a map of your run and a complete analysis of your form. Using one-mile splits, you can observe how your form varied throughout the run and possibly deteriorated as weariness set in.

The Incus Cloud app provides all of these numbers in simple charts and graphs that are easy to understand, and you can hit an information button to get a thorough description of what each measure signifies. Additionally, the programme gives you a few pointers oenhancingcing your performance (such as shortening your stride and softening your landing to improve ground contact time).

These suggestions are great, but they don’t consider your specific running style or numbers, which is a bummer. This would allow you to get more personalised feedback as your running technique improves.

The data is fascinating, but it isn’t easily measurable by a watch. We liked the calendar view of your monitored runs, so you can see how your form has evolved as you’ve adjusted your running technique.

Comparing the impact of several pairs of running shoes was another fascinating aspect of the data. Even a couple of road shoes with merely a foam midsole was shown to have a springier shape and longer flight duration than those with a carbon footbed.

Although it isn’t tailored to your data, the app offers sound tips on how to improve your running technique (Image credit: Future)

However, there is room for improvement, and if you buy an Incus Nova bundle, you’ll get all future upgrades as soon as they’re released.

All in all, the Incus Nova is a valuable training aid for serious runners who aren’t yet ready to spend in a coach’s services. That’s where having a single gadget for all three sports will come into its own, and we anticipate that to be the case.

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