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Corsair HS80 RGB

Corsair HS80 RGB | VickyTechy Honest Review

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A high – but not prohibitively expensive – price tag accompanies the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless, the newest premium gaming headset from the peripheral gaming behemoth. It provides an excellent premium gaming headset experience at an affordable – but not excessive – cost.

Its Dolby Atmos support, high-resolution audio playback, and cross-platform compatibility make the HS80 RGB Wireless an appealing headset – but it isn’t suited for everyone, as you’ll discover in the next section.


Start with the fundamentals: the HS80 RGB Wireless is constructed from a combination of machined aluminum and matte-finish plastic that looks good while maintaining a lightweight design that weighs just 367g – which is relatively light in comparison to the 400g Sennheiser GSP 670, and this translates to a more comfortable gaming session overall.

However, it is not the only aspect to consider when it comes to comfort; headbands and earcups play an essential role, and the HS80 depends on its floating headband design for the former. Although it has been seen on other gaming headsets, it is a first for Corsair. The goal is to have the headset rest on an elasticated fabric strip rather than the hard primary headband to relieve pressure build-up on the top of the head.

Even having adjustable Velcro straps to alter the tightness, there isn’t nearly enough tension to prevent my head from making contact with the headband, which is the problem. Because Corsair anticipates little-to-no contact with the headband, the bottom of the headband is devoid of padding. This is a significant flaw in the design.

That implies that there is still a build-up of strain on the top of the head over time, but it’s worth noting that you may have a completely different experience than I had – after all, I have been informed in the past that I have a larger-than-average skull (I know, right?) The good news is that the ear cups are cushioned with thick, ultra-soft memory foam, and each cup can be rotated independently through pivot points to accommodate a wide variety of head shapes.

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 Because the padding is just about the correct size, it can be worn comfortably around your ears without resting directly on them, and the material is also breathable. The RGB lighting can also be found in the cans, but I don’t anticipate anything as brilliant as the Logitech G935’s RGB strips, available separately. Instead, Corsair has chosen a more modest approach, applying lighting effects on the Corsair emblem and not the rest of the product.

The RGB panels’ colors and effects can be customized using the issue program for PC, but since the changes have very little influence on the overall appearance, I don’t expect many people to rush to do so.

As a result, most people who use Corsair’s companion software do so primarily to tweak the EQ of their headsets. In terms of granularity (e.g., having different equalizers for different games), the headset can store up to 5 EQs at any given time, and cycling between them is as simple as pressing the volume wheel embedded in the back of the left cup. If you want to go even further, you can save up to 10 EQs to the headset at any given time.

The main drawback is the absence of local storage for EQs, which means you’ll have to install the iCue program on your PC to benefit from them. An inbuilt boom microphone with flip-to-activate capability, which means it will only unmute itself when it is near your lips, is also included, along with an LED indicator at the end of the microphone to provide a visual indication of your mute state.

Connectivity and Battery Life:

An outstanding 60ft of wireless range and excellent audio quality are two of the features that make the HS80 RGB Wireless a perfect choice for gamers who often use Discord but don’t have access to a wired headset; more on that later.

Because of this, you may lose sight of your headset wireless dongle over time – particularly if you’re going to a friend’s home for a LAN party. The battery life of a wireless headset is another factor to keep in mind. 20-hour battery life is available for use with the HS80, which may be increased if RGB lighting on the cans is disabled.

Although the battery life isn’t the best we’ve ever seen, you can still use the headset while charged through USB-C, so it shouldn’t be an issue for you. The headset is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, some of the more sophisticated audio functions of the headset are not supported on Sony’s systems.

Audio Quality:

In terms of design, the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless looks excellent and is easy to wear, but how do the cans sound? All I can say is that it’s remarkable. On PC, at least. An enormous 20Hz–40,000Hz frequency range is provided by custom-tuned neodymium 50mm high-density speakers. This range is more than twice the 20KHz of most gaming headsets and many comparably priced music-focused headsets.

A balanced audio experience with robust and noticeable bass tones that flawlessly imitate the rumbling of above thunder and the force of massive explosions while not drowning out the mids or highs is no surprise from a product with such excellent technical capability.

This is a rare thing for a wireless gaming headset since they tend to lag behind their cable counterparts in terms of audio quality. When it comes to high-quality sound, Corsair’s Slipstream wireless technology, which supports up to 24 bit/48kHz audio resolution, is a big part of the equation.

Using a USB-C connection, you can also use the cans to play high-fidelity lossless music at up to 24bit/96kHz, making them suitable for general usage, not only while playing games. Additionally, the headset supports Dolby Atmos’ spatial sound, allowing you to feel that the music is emanating from above, below, and all around you.

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You may use it to boost your gaming performance by detecting the sound and direction of impending footfall or the click of a reloading rifle, as well as other sounds in the game world. Although Dolby Atmos is most excellent when used with certified Dolby Atmos-supporting games, most games will benefit from it.

When you buy the HS80 cans, you get a free Dolby Atmos license, which you can activate by downloading the Dolby Access program for Windows and connecting the cans to your computer. The main downside is that Dolby Atmos is only available to PC users, excluding PS4 and PS5 owners, but that’s Sony’s fault rather than Corsair’s.


With features like Dolby Atmos and wireless playback, the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless is still a good headset, particularly when compared to more costly headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro and the Sennheiser GSP 670, which can cost up to £299/$299 each.

Aside from Corsair and Overclockers in the UK, you can get the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless through Corsair in the US. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ve rounded together some of the finest cheap gaming headphones for you as well.

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